Celebrating our first anniversary!

by | Feb 12, 2020

On February 11th our company celebrated its first anniversary! A good time to look back and look forward.
It’s been quite year in which we accomplished a lot, and we are happy with all the positive support we’re getting. So first of all we’d like to extend a word of profound gratitude towards all of the people who are supporting us in making this journey into a true adventure: THANKS!

So far, we’ve been busy improving our OBM Foundation Level Training and are integrating several processes with our new partners APMG International and Van Haren Publishing.
And we’re also busy sketching the outlines of our follow-up product, the #OBM Application Level Training. Our software partner OBM Solutions is busy adapting its trusted OBM Optimizer case management platform for it.

We’ve managed to get the practical science of OBM connected to several best practices, including ISM, FSM, USM, and VeriSM. Our services have also gained interest from the Agile, DevOps and BRM communities, so our goal for the coming year is to form alliances with those as well.
The interest from all those best practises and frameworks is not so strange, since OBM is the practical answer to get the necessary culture and habits formed to get the most out of these practices. It is the answer to the question of how to get people to actually DO the things that are required or prescribed by these frameworks.
Wether its in IT, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Healthcare, Construction or Services, OBM has proven its worth in hundreds of documented cases worldwide.
And it turns out to be a fantastic up-selling opportunity for training and consulting companies as well!

And as thousands of people have noticed, we’re proud that our newly trained Certified OBM Foundation Instructors are ready to start training leaders across the globe to help them in learning how to bring out the best in people!
Several companies from 8 different countries have shown interest in a partnership to start offering our trainings under license. We’re expecting to start some of these partnership this spring already, starting with our home market in The Netherlands, but also including one in Canada.

We’re also proud to have our new version of the Course Materials almost ready. A new textbook is expected to be published this spring, as well as the new courseware.
Also a Dutch version of our learning app is now available next to the existing one in English.

We expect to be holding our next Train-the-Instructor Course (the first one in English) somewhere in May or June, depending on the release of the new Course Materials.
So if you’re interested in joining as a licensed partner and/or instructor, feel free to contact us.

Join us in our mission to make this world a better workplace through the power of positive reinforcement!

Kind regards,

Team OBM Dynamics

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