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Congratulations! You have found what you are looking for: A high-end, profitable series of training products on how to measurably improve organizational performance. How? By positively influencing behavior of employees.

The scientifically proven method behind our training materials will lead to success for organizations.

To all competent Resellers or Training companies; these training courses are an added value to your portfolio!


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Experience one of the best-kept secrets in the consulting and training industry and embrace:

The Science of Success

Measurably improve performance by influencing behavior

'Behavior' is a HOT TOPIC nowadays, as companies world-wide struggle to get people to actually DO what they want them to do. According to repeated research by e.g. McKinsey & Co. and Gartner, a staggering 70% of change programs fail to meet all objectives. And 'behavior' is always in the top-3 of known culprits…

Whether it’s Agile, Lean, ITIL, DevOps or something else; managements get upset finding out that just implementing a new process, system or structure is not sufficient to increase their personnel’s performances. It turns out that it is essential that employees show the right behavior first in order to achieve the desired results.

So, wait no longer and start creating the right workplace culture straight away with our training courses on influencing behavior!


High-quality training and certification

The trick is to learn more about what 'behavior’ really is and how to influence it in order to improve performances. Well, we’ve done our homework and created a series of high-quality trainings to meet this need.

- Joost Kerkhofs, Co-founder and Managing Director

With this training series you will offer a great solution to your clients. Together with our global certification partner APMG International, we offer a complete eco-system for training companies to embrace.

Act now and become one of the first to benefit in your country, sector and/or area of expertise and introduce to your clients the key to a real and lasting change for their organization!

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Organizational Behavior Management

We offer several training products. They are all related to a scientifically proven method to optimize organizational performance and to increase business success. It is called Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), and we are ready to share everything we know about it!

All our products are sold under license to the general public by our Certified Partners. Please note that we are NOT a training company ourselves. We leave the teaching of a training course in the capable hands of competent Certified Instructors. To learn more about our OBM Level Training series of products, please visit Services.

For information about our License model and the Business Case for Resellers and Training companies, please refer to Partners.

“OBM trainings are worthwhile and necessary for anybody remotely responsible for ‘deploying’ best practice approaches to change the way people work.”


- Paul Wilkinson, Director & Owner GamingWorks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OBM?

OBM is short for Organizational Behavior Management. It is a scientifically proven method to optimize organizational performance by combining a 7-step protocol with hard data and a focus on positive change of performers’ behaviors. OBM has been successfully applied since 1970-s in thousands of companies in 50+ countries.

It is one of the best-kept secrets in the consulting industry that has now become available to the general public.

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“OBM has been of tremendous value in all of my recent transformations. I have been supporting organizations in their agile and DevOps journeys for several years now, but applying the OBM protocol and instruments has accelerated true behavioral change in both teams and leadership. OBM’s incremental and empirical approach to behavioral change appeals to the exact agile mindset these organizations are trying to adopt, which makes it an implicit part of the solution.”


Dave van Herpen, Independent Consultant, Coach, Trainer | Agile & DevOps transformation at IMP/ACT

What does OBM Dynamics sell?

We design, develop and distribute educational products in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) worldwide through our own network and that of our licensed partners.

Take a look at our products and services for more details. In short, we offer a license model for our OBM Level Training series of products for our partners to benefit from.

How can I or my company benefit from OBM?

You can benefit in two different ways: as a Certified OBM Dynamics Partner or as a Certified OBM Dynamics Instructor.

  1. Your company could become a Certified Partner (if eligible). Start your application here to become a Prospective Partner.
  2. You and/or your colleagues could become Certified Instructors (if eligible). Start your application here to become a Candidate Instructor.
What does a license cost?

We apply a straightforward and simple pricing model: you pay per participant. The cost for the OBM Foundation Level Training is set at € 300.00 ex VAT per participant. Payments are in Euros and you will receive an invoice per order. Each license is linked to one participant and can be used only once. It is not transferable, for technical reasons.

OBM Dynamics will also offer a tier-model with discounts for participants in countries with less purchasing power. More information on our tier-model is included in our Agreement.

We also have plans to launch a volume level model with the possibility to earn discounts based on the sales volume per year (forthcoming).

What is the suggested retail price of your OBM Foundation Level Training?

Our research has shown that our partners are able to sell this two-day training at a rate of € 1,750.00 ex VAT per student in an open training (advised retail price in a Tier 1-country). This is excluding exam cost. You can order exams for your students separately with our strategic partner APMG International (also see the following below).

Do you offer any Examination and Certification services?

Yes, we offer exams and certification of all our products through our strategic partner APMG International.

APMG (APM Group) International is the most reputable global accreditation and examination institute.

APMG accredits organizations to deliver training courses and consultancy services for a broad range of professional certification schemes. Its long history of accrediting organizations worldwide – combined with its rigorous assessment process means that APMG accredited organizations are recognized for their commitment to deliver exceptional services.

Visit the APMG website for more information.

Should OBM training not be offered for free, as it is part of science?

OBM itself is part of science and indeed available to the public for free, yes. It is comparable to ‘open source’. However, to become knowledgeable it takes a lot of studying. For some people that means months or even years of hard work. We have already done that part for you.

We have also come up with some interesting products to speed up your learning curve! We can offer you our interpretation of OBM in a useful step-by-step format, assisted by modern learning technology. It also contains artificial intelligence to really accelerate your learning process.

Why bother to take the long road if there is a shortcut? Find out how to benefit as one of our partners!

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